Friday, April 30, 2010

I Learned to Clear My Home at a Reiki Class

This energy healing information is is just like Magic!

The Reiki class I took last week taught me how to clear negative energy in my home. Before that our family was bickering and arguing way too much. At the Reiki Ranch and Reiki class the instructors taught us how to swirl the negative around, flush it down and transmute it to positive energy. Then they showed us exactly how to fill the rooms with pure positive life force energy -- the Reiki flow.

Reiki sure made a big difference in the home. The fights stopped and now we are all getting along really well. I'm sure that when the negative energy was cleared the family fun and togetherness really turned on. I would recommend Reiki classes to anybody.

Reiki student
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Reiki Training with Reiki Classes

Old as the hills, Reiki training and Reiki healing is the oldest art of energy healing and it has been around for at least 4000 years. It predates the Christian church. Although all religions have practiced the laying on of hands to help their sick and injured.

Reiki training methods and energy healing technique use the Universal Life Energy to initiate healing from within.

Reiki uses life force energy as high as the practitioner can channel into and out of her/his body for the client. Reiki is energy healing and works by raising the vibrational frequency and its direct effects include reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Reiki can also help a person get in touch with their higher self / inner self, which is essential for personal improvement and harmony.

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